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It signals the beginning of a long phase of life around 40 years! This means that if you have sexual contact, you might get pregnant. While you may have learned about menstruation in school, you probably have questions about what to expect.

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Guys who are into periods? At the time, I was skeptical. Some reasons are physical and hormonal; others practical; and many more are tied to erotic associations and pride in reveling in the uncensored female body.

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Your period is kind of like a mood ring for the rest of your body. If you pay attention to the way you're bleeding, you can pick up some major clues and insights about your health. Step one is to decoding your mood ring period: figuring out what "normal" looks and feels like for you, according to Dr.

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Understandably she was left feeling shocked and scared. Fibres inside your nether regions not only sound unpleasant, they can also have serious health consequences. Remnants of tampons can sometimes be seen during vaginal examinations and nurses conducting smear tests have reported having to remove shed fibres, too. Worrying stuff, eh?

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This month, I was determined to save my underwear from being sacrificed to the period gods. Here's what I found. But I did it anyway.

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I love licking my wife's dirty pussy when she's on her period. I film how I polish her snapper with my tongue as she pulls out the bloody tampon out of her cunny. Wife changes her bloody tampon as I lick her sweet cunt.

Back to Periods. If problems with your periods are affecting your life, there's help and support available. Before you see your GP about period problems, it can be useful to keep a diary of your symptoms throughout the menstrual cycle.

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Not just going about their business like normal human beings and certainly not lying on the couch, hugging a hot water bottle and feeling like crap. As much as we might eye roll at how desperately out of touch ads for pads, tampons and other menstrual products are, advertising has power and influence. Thankfully, period ads are waking up, becoming more self-aware, self-deprecating and even empowering.

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Kiran Gandhi, drummer for M. Kiran Gandhi, who has played drums for singer M. Gandhi let her blood flow freely to raise awareness about women who have no access to feminine products and to encourage women to not be embarrassed about their periods.

Female sanitary products have come a long way since ancient Egyptians first started using papyrus to control the flow. And although their history is long and fascinatingthere is still more to your tampon than you may have expected. Even scarier: Women in ancient Greece used thin planks of wood wrapped in lint to keep clean during their time of the month. Since tampons are literally cylindrical absorbent cotton, they are great to keep on hand for emergencies or in a first aid kit.


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